If You Urinate Just Before Sex, Stop It Now & Read To Know Why?

Intercourse and urination are distinct from every other. Highly, you have to manipulate each the sports from the identical frame part. In keeping with the world’s leading urologist, you ought to keep away from urinating just before intercourse and always piss after intercourse. Examine here, why so?

1 – say a big no to urinating earlier than sex.
If you urinate before intercourse you can fall victim to bacterial contamination.
2 – what takes place in case you smash the rule of thumb:
Bacteria enters from the vagina to the urethra. Whilst you urinate, the bacteria comes out. Whereas, if you don’t urinate right after intercourse then the microorganism can also input the bladder and reason infection.
3 – verified by way of the urologist.
Urologist, David Kaufman advice now not to piss earlier than $ex. This is the biggest mistake ladies have explained thus far.
4 – tip for preventing bacterial infection.
To save you infection wipe your non-public component from front to back. Also, wash genitals for one hundred% hygiene.
5 – urinating after sex is a large sure!
By no means urinate before intercourse, because it has negative fitness effect.
6 – urinate in case you sense stress.
Urinate after sex, in case you sense pressure and drink water to avoid dehydration.
7 – pre-intercourse ritual.
The usage of the diaphragm as contraceptive will increase the risk of infection because it pushes the bladder doesn’t allow entire urination.
8– take the pledge to follow the rule
Say no to peeing before sex and say sure to pee after sex. Live healthily and live hornily!

9 – by no means maintain an excessive amount of strain.
In case you feel extra strain to urinate at some stage in sexual intercourse. Cross ahead and release yourself, and experience glad.

10 – roll out properly instances.
Pee loads whilst you are too inebriated. But, mark the guideline of no pissing before intercourse.

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