The Color Of Menstrual Blood Reveals All Dangerous Changes In The Body!!! Every Woman Should know About It

Menstrual takes place in every woman for 7 days. During this time woman may have some minor problems like cramps and abdominal pain and headache. When menstrual blood flows quickly its color will be pink or red. Sometimes a woman has brown or black blood in menstrual periods but there is nothing to worry about. If color is dark that means blood is flowing slowly from the body according to experts.

It has been observed that during menstrual cycle some woman has lighter blood and some have darker sometimes. And many women is faced with punctuating bleeding outside the cycle. It is quite important for everyone to know what color of their bleeding and they should contact their gynecologist.


Sometimes in menstrual cycle blood flow in pink color. But if it happened earlier i.e in the middle of it that’s the sign of early pregnancy or other diseases of your reproductive organ so it’s best to visit your doctor to get assistance from him.


Bright kind of blood flow is very common in most of the woman, usually, it happened after you having a long busy day. When your body is in continuous motion and blood is coming out it doesn’t get time to become darker. It is normal and there is nothing to worry about but the problem occurs when it lasts for long it means more than a week. So there is dire need to get it checked by a doctor.


Dark Red


The dark red color of blood is quite normal also if it’s in the middle. But real problems occur when it doesn’t fade and it bleeds more than routine than that can be a sign of miscarriage or tumors. In this situation visit your specialist.


Orange Red

This is another color of blood in menstruation period. Orange red is color is a sign of infection and it is not normal of course. This color usually becomes odor in that situation please visits your doctor. This color can be seen when blood mixed with fluid from the body.


Brown Black


This can also be seen in menstruation period. In this situation, blood remains for long in the uterus and can be seen in the early morning. it may sound bad but it become black from stay long in the womb and it’s not expired. It can be a sign of infection as well.


Heavy Bleeding

Normally bleeding remains in first three days of menstruation cycle then it comes to normal. But if still remains high after 3 days then that is the cause of some infection and there is dire need to get it checked by a doctor in that case immediately contact your gynecologist. This due to early pregnancy or some kind of hormonal disorder so you need an expert opinion.


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