How I Lost 27 Pounds in 40 Days, Get To Know About it , will Change Your Life


I began the year with determination and resolve – this was going to be the year that I finally changed my eating habits for good, the year I’ll lose weight and become healthy and active again. What better way to kickstart these habits by attempting to lose 40 pounds in 40 days?

I tried out the HCG diet, also known as the “40 Pounds in 40 Days” diet. This incredible dieting opportunity came from Dr. Allana Polo, from the Polo Health & Longevity Centre in New Westminster, who was there for me every step of the way, coaching me and helping me along when I needed it.

The HCG diet helped me lose 27 pounds in 40 days, without losing muscle mass – no other low calorie diet can do this! The weight I lost on the HCG diet was mainly fat, which is absolutely amazing.


This simple diet consists of taking an HCG hormone and restricting calorie intake to only 500. While this sounds shocking, it actually isn’t. The hormone causes your body to eat away at the fat stores at a rate of up to 4,000 calories per day, so while you’re ingesting about 500, your body is getting rid of the fat on your body, and you’re not hungry

Really, you weren’t hungry? The first week or two can be hard as your body detoxes from sugar, alcohol, and processed foods, but eating at regular times daily, your body gets used to eating real foods – think fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. If you MISS a meal or a snack, you will definitely be hungry, but keeping track of what you’re eating, you become accustomed to smaller portions as your stomach shrinks.

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When joining the program at the Polo Health & Longevity Centre, I received a full HCG program book, that describes the diet, provides recipes, and contains a daily weight loss log and a daily food diary. By keeping track of what you’re eating, you can easily point out the reason for your weight gain or loss.

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Starting Weight: 209 pounds

Ending Weight: 182 pounds

Starting BMI: 31.8

Ending BMI: 28

Thanks to the HCG diet, I dropped 27 pounds – and I didn’t even work out! It was difficult at times, but with determination and support, anyone can do it!

5 Tips to Diet Success!


After losing weight quickly, it’s very important that you help your body maintain your weight loss. It’s a bit of a shock for your body to lose so much weight, and if you go back to eating what you were before the diet, you will likely gain most of your weight back!

I am currently in the first phase of the Maintenance program, which slowly introduces fats, and more of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins, back into your diet.


I feel incredible. I am so happy that I was able to lose a chunk of weight so quickly. My weight loss journey is on the right track – I have much more weight to lose, and also, I will be incorporating fitness into my program.

The HCG Diet has opened my eyes to my horrible eating habits. It’s brought me back to all-natural and unprocessed foods. It makes me cook more from scratch, and create more healthy meals for my family. It’s helped discover an underlying gluten intolerance in my husband. It’s helped me realize my emotional eating habits and how to combat them.

I know you’re looking for before and after pictures, and I promise I will be posting them shortly… For now, check out the other bloggers that participated in the HCG Weight Loss Program from the Polo Health & Longevity Centre!


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